HOME PRODUCT Industrial rubber sheet CR (Neoprene) rubber sheet FDA White Neoprene rubber sheet Hardness 65±5 Gravity:1.5g/cm3


FDA White Neoprene rubber sheet Hardness  65±5  Gravity:1.5g/cm3
FDA White Neoprene rubber sheet Hardness  65±5  Gravity:1.5g/cm3 FDA White Neoprene rubber sheet Hardness  65±5  Gravity:1.5g/cm3 FDA White Neoprene rubber sheet Hardness  65±5  Gravity:1.5g/cm3 FDA White Neoprene rubber sheet Hardness  65±5  Gravity:1.5g/cm3

FDA White Neoprene rubber sheet Hardness 65±5 Gravity:1.5g/cm3

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1. Material: 100% recycled rubber

2. Thickness:1mm-100mm

3. Width: 3m max

4. Length: 10m/roll 20m/roll or as your request

5. Gravity: 1.5g/cm3

6. Hardness:60±5

7. Tensile strength: 5Mpa 

8. Elongation: 600%

9. with or without fabric reinforcement 

Product Description

White FDA Neoprene rubber sheet roll 


White rubber sheet roll data sheet:


width (Meters)



1mm 1M/1.2M1.4M/1.5M/1.6M/1.8M/2.0M 1.5KGS/㎡ 1.5G/cm3 Food preparation
1.5mm 1M/1.2M1.4M/1.5M/1.6M/1.8M/2.0M 2.25KGS/㎡ 1.5G/cm3 Rubber Gaskets 
2mm 1M/1.2M1.4M/1.5M/1.6M/1.8M/2.0M 3KGS/㎡ 1.5G/cm3 Medium heat temperature sealing
3mm 1M/1.2M1.4M/1.5M/1.6M/1.8M/2.0M 4.5KGS/㎡ 1.5G/cm3 Interior & exterior use
4mm 1M/1.2M1.4M/1.5M/1.6M/1.8M/2.0M 6KGS/㎡ 1.5G/cm3 Air conditioning units & compressors
5mm 1M/1.2M1.4M/1.5M/1.6M/1.8M/2.0M 7.5KGS/㎡ 1.5G/cm3 Beverage processing
6mm 1M/1.2M1.4M/1.5M/1.6M/1.8M/2.0M 9KGS/㎡ 1.5G/cm3 Food processing plants
8mm 1M/1.2M1.4M/1.5M/1.6M/1.8M/2.0M 12KGS/㎡ 1.5G/cm3 Oven seals, Beverage pumps
10mm 1M/1.2M1.4M/1.5M/1.6M/1.8M/2.0M 15KGS/㎡ 1.5G/cm3 Rubber strips & O-rings 
12mm 1M/1.2M1.4M/1.5M/1.6M/1.8M/2.0M 18KGS/㎡ 1.5G/cm3  Food packaging applications
15mm 1M/1.2M1.4M/1.5M/1.6M/1.8M/2.0M 22.5KGS/㎡ 1.5G/cm3  


High-quality white rubber sheet roll is produced by vulcanization of CR rubber. CR rubber is the most commonly used

and relatively friendly composite material. An important factor of the produced white rubber sheet is wear resistance,

waterproof, smooth surface, and excellent sealing performance. Low odor; we offer white rubber sheet rolls in standard

thicknesses from 1mm to 10mm, and can also be produced in full rolls, strip cut lengths and custom gaskets and shapes

to suit your exact requirements. Anti-mildew properties ensure excellent life expectancy for rubber products.

There is no problem as an ordinary conveyor belt, and it can improve stability, enhance tensile strength and wear resistance

by inserting a specified number of layers of fabric in the middle.

But there are several conditions to be aware of when using white rubber sheet rolls:

First, we cannot use it in the environment containing oil, especially polar oil, SBR is intolerant to oil and has poor resistance.

Second, it cannot be used in highly corrosive environments containing chemicals, again, SBR has poor resistance to these.

Finally, under strong sunlight and ultraviolet rays, the use time of SBR will also be shortened.

We can also provide more advanced white rubber sheet material, but the price will increase accordingly. This kind of white

rubber sheet not only guarantees the above characteristics, but also non-toxic and tasteless, ensuring health and environmental protection.

We have a large inventory to ensure stable prices and fast delivery, which is why customers choose us, hoping to provide

customers with better and faster solutions, especially in the field of rubber sheets, to provide more professional services, accept

OEM, customized according to the drawings, determined according to the drawings and production samples, to provide the

final product, each product has undergone strict quality testing, such as white rubber sheet, with SGS/REACH/ROHS/ISO

certificates, etc., if you need it , please contact us via message or inquiry below.

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