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White EPDM rubber sheet

White EPDM rubber sheet introduction:

There are two types here. One is general-purpose and not FDA certified. It is suitable for use in most industrial scenarios and can meet the requirements of gaskets, seals, weather stripping, floor coverings, etc. However, like ordinary rubber sheets, it will have a slight rubber smell, but the EPDM performance remains unchanged.

The second type is the FDA-certified high-grade white EPDM rubber sheet. With the excellent performance of EPDM rubber, this white rubber sheet has increased in price a lot, but it is still a popular rubber sheet in the food industry, medical industry and other industries with relatively high requirements. It can also produce gaskets for the food industry, but we can only produce 60+/-5 hardness at present, and the minimum order quantity is much higher than the former. After completion, it will be certified by a professional FDA agency to ensure that it meets your requirements.