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molded rubber block

Custom thick rubber blocks

We custom:

  1. rubber vlocks for car lifts
  2. industrial rubber blocks(Horizontal and vertical striped rubber blocks / Roof support block / Steel coil non-slip rubber block and others
  3. other shapes, with holes

Thick rubber blocks are produced from high-quality rubber raw materials. The raw materials are carefully selected to ensure that the finished product is of the highest quality. The rubber is then processed using a variety of techniques to achieve the desired thickness. Once the rubber has been processed, it is cut into blocks of the desired size.

But we have a lot of different graphics on them, which cannot be produced at one time, and uniform cutting requires molds for production. Of course, the cost of molds will be included here. Compared with flat rubber blocks, custom thick rubber blocks The cost is relatively high.

There are also many industrial rubber blocks that require special properties, such as flame retardancy and cloth interlining, which we can achieve. For example, rubber blocks are used in some bridge pads, because the cloth rubber blocks The wear resistance is higher than ordinary rubber blocks, and the shock absorption effect is better.