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Electrical safety rubber mat

IEC 61111 electrical safety insulating matting rubber sheeting mat suppliers

The electrical safety matting of Tianjin China Rubber Co.,Ltd is produced in strict accordance with IEC 61111-2009 and ASTM standards.

The electrical safety matting produced by Tianjin China Rubber Co.,Ltd has been strictly tested by IEC 61111-2009. The quality of the electrical insulating matting is very good and it can be used for a variety of applications. It is an excellent insulating material and can be used in a variety of industries. IEC 61111 insulating matting can be used in a number of situations in order to protect against electrical currents, this is because the rubber sheeting is able to act as a barrier between two electrical sources, preventing the flow of current between them. This can be particularly useful in cases where there is a risk of electrocution, or where sensitive equipment needs to be protected from electrical surges. The electrical insulating matting can also be used to line electrical cables in order to prevent them from shorting out.

Insulation rubber mat features:

  1. Applicable to the laying and installation of the ground and the ground of the power station and the floor of the electronic venue workbench and ground.
  2. Insulation rubber mat is widely used in the use of substations, power plants, power distribution rooms, laboratories, and fields in the wild.
  3. Insulation rubber mat should be stored in a dry and ventilated environment, stay away from the heat source, and leave the ground and the wall of 20cm. Avoid pollution of acid -alkali and oil, do not prevent direct sunlight from open -air.

IEC 61111 electrical insulating matting: 

electrical rubber mat suppliers

Type of electrical insulating rubber sheeting:

electrical safety matting electrical safety matting

IEC 61111 Insulating electrical safety matting specification table

1. Anti-slip electrical insulating matting:

rubber sheeting

2. Smooth surface insulation rubber mat sheeting:

rubber sheeting

Rubber mat for electrical room:

Rubber mat for electrical room is an essential safety measure to prevent electrical hazards. This particular type of electrical insulating matting is specifically designed to have insulating properties, which is vital when working with electricity. The rubber material used in these mats is durable and resilient, capable of withstanding high voltage and electrical currents. By placing a rubber mat on the floor of an electrical room, it creates a protective barrier between individuals and the ground, reducing the risk of electric shock.

Moreover, these insulated matting is not only insulating, but are often resistant to oil, gasoline, and other chemicals, ensuring their longevity and effectiveness in a variety of environments. Not only do rubber mats provide safety, but insulated matting also offer additional benefits such as providing anti-slip properties, reducing fatigue, and dampening noise. Overall, investing in a rubber mat for electrical room is a wise choice to prioritize the well-being of both workers and equipment in the space while maintaining a safe working environment.

Rubber mat for electrical panel case:

iec 61111 insulating matting (2) iec 61111 insulating matting (2) insulation rubber mat (1) insulation rubber mat (1)
insulation rubber mat (1) electrical insulating matting electrical insulating matting electrical insulating matting

electrical rubber mat suppliers

IEC 61111 electrical safety insulating matting rubber sheeting mat suppliers play a crucial role in ensuring the safety of electrical workers and preventing electrical accidents in various industries. These insulated matting suppliers specialize in providing high-quality insulating matting made from rubber materials that have been specifically designed to meet the standards set by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). 

These insulation rubber mat offer excellent protection against electric shocks by effectively isolating workers from electrical currents and preventing the flow of electricity through their bodies. They are commonly used in areas where there is a high risk of electrical hazards, such as electrical switchboards, rubber mat for electrical panel, and areas with live electrical equipment. These electrical insulating matting are essential in providing a safe working environment for electrical professionals, allowing them to carry out their tasks with peace of mind.

Additionally, electrical rubber mat suppliers ensure that the rubber sheeting electriacl saftey matting they offer are durable, flexible, and resistant to wear and tear, ensuring their longevity and effectiveness in protecting workers. With their commitment to safety and high-quality IEC 61111 insulating matting, the electrical rubber mat suppliers provide a vital service to industries worldwide.

electrical rubber mat suppliers electrical rubber mat suppliers


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