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Ribbed rubber sheet

Ribbed rubber matting

Ribbed rubber matting is a surface with many concave and convex stripes running perpendicular to one another. This surface is designed to provide good traction and grip, making it ideal for a variety of applications. For example, ribbed rubber matting is often used in industrial settings to provide a safe walking surface. This type of matting is also commonly used in exercise equipment, such as treadmills and ellipticals, to help users maintain a good grip while they are working out.

We have three kinds of ribbed rubber matting - wide rib rubber matting, flat rib rubber matting, and fine fluted rubber matting.

Flat rib rubber sheet matting includes horizontal and vertical stripes.

Fine fluted rubber matting is a floor with many dense and evenly distributed stripes,this fine ribbed rubber sheet is very suitable for areas with a particularly large flow of people and relatively humid areas, and can better play an anti-skid role. 

The wide rib rubber matting we produce is insulating and has passed the test. It can effectively prevent 1KV low voltage - 35KV high voltage. It is suitable for use as an insulating mat in live work and has an anti-skid effect.

ribbed rubber matting

Flat rib rubber sheet matting(horizontal and vertical stripes

fine fluted rubber matting

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