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Cattle slat mats (spaltenboden)

Eco-floor - "spaltenboden"

50% Concrete/50% Rubber Hybrid Walking Surface


The "spaltenboden" rubber slats for cattle, manufactured by Tianjin China Rubber Co., Ltd, offer a revolutionary solution for large farms or farms. These new and innovative rubber cattle slat mats are placed between concrete slats to provide cows with a more comfortable and spacious area.

While traditional concrete prefabricated slats can cause issues such as incorrect positioning and insufficient hoof wear, the ECO-Floor, also known as the rubber-cement combination, addresses these concerns.

The ECO-Floor provides a surface that is half concrete and half rubber. This unique combination ensures that cows have sufficient wear on their hooves while preventing slipping on the slat. The surface is even and free of sharp edges, creating a safe environment for the cows to walk on.

With these rubber slats, farmers can optimize the welfare of their cattle while maintaining an efficient farming operation.

Tianjin China Rubber Co., Ltd takes great pride in manufacturing high-quality products that meet industry standards. The "spaltenboden" livestock slats are designed to withstand the demands of daily use in livestock facilities. This durable solution offers long-term value for farmers looking to enhance their cattle management practices.

If you're searching for a reliable and effective solution for your farm's rubber mats for cattle slats needs, look no further than Tianjin China Rubber Co., Ltd's innovative rubber mats for cattle slats. Experience the benefits of this cutting-edge technology and provide your cows with optimal comfort and safety today.

Use rubber slats for cattle advantage:

Efficient walkability

The innovative combination of concrete and rubber creates an optimal walking surface that offers exceptional grip for cows. Additionally, farmers will find the floor highly traversable. The rubber material ensures superior slip resistance.

Enhanced productivity

By implementing ECO-Floor, dairy farmers can significantly improve productivity. Our clients have reported improved overall health in their livestock and increased lifetime production. ECO-Floor play a critical role in promoting healthy claws and legs, aiding in heat detection, and encouraging cow activity.

Environmentally-friendly flooring option

ECO Floors have been specifically designed to function as low-emission floors, making them an ideal choice for sustainability-conscious individuals.

The ecological floor can replace the existing traditional cattle slat mats, post-fix livestock slats, post-fix rubber mats for cattle slats

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