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Coin rubber sheet

Anti skid rubber sheet - Coin rubber sheet(Round dots)

Anti skid rubber sheeting is an ideal flooring material for areas where slip-and-fall accidents are likely to occur. The surface of the sheeting is patterned with a series of raised ridges or bumps, which help to increase traction and prevent slipping. The sheeting is also wear-resistant, meaning it will retain its anti-skid properties even after repeated exposure to foot traffic or heavy equipment.

Round dots rubber sheet, also known as coin rubber sheet, is a rubber sheet with raised dots on the surface, just like rubber coins. Because it is not only anti-slip but also aesthetically pleasing, it comes in various colors, so it is commonly used in industrial and commercial applications because it provides good grip and anti-slip properties, it can also be used in residential applications such as kitchens or bathrooms to Provides extra traction and safety.

Coin rubber sheet of different colors: (we are just an example, not all round dots rubber sheet, other colors can be customized by consulting customer service)

anti skid rubber sheet

Coin rubber sheet

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