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Anti ricochet ballistic rubber tiles 

Custom high Density shooting anti ricochet ballistic rubber tiles

Ballistic tiles description

There are two types of Ballistic rubber tiles, one is made of vulcanized rubber, and the other is made of recycled rubber without vulcanization.

Aspect Vulcanized Rubber  Recycled Rubber
Manufacturing Process Vulcanization Recycling
Materials New rubber compounds Reclaimed rubber
Enhanced Durability  
Superior Impact Resistance  
Consistent Performance  
Resistance to Extreme Conditions  
Higher Cost  
Variable Quality  
Less Durability  
Limited Impact Resistance  
Vulcanized rubber and recycled rubber ballistic tiles are commonly used in various settings where ballistic protection is required. Some of the typical applications include:
  1. Shooting Ranges: Both types of rubber ballistic tiles are extensively used in indoor and outdoor shooting ranges to absorb the impact of bullets, reduce ricochets, and enhance safety for shooters and range personnel.
  2. Military Training Facilities: Military training facilities often utilize ballistic rubber tiles for shooting ranges, simunition training areas, and combat training environments to create safe and controlled spaces for realistic training scenarios.
  3. Law Enforcement Training Centers: Police academies and law enforcement training centers use anti ricochet rubber tiles in their shooting ranges and tactical training facilities to provide a safe and effective training environment for officers.
  4. Firearms Training Centers: Civilian firearms training centers, including those operated by private organizations or gun clubs, frequently incorporate ballistic rubber tiles into their shooting ranges to ensure safety and minimize the risk of bullet ricochets.
  5. Commercial and Industrial Facilities: Certain commercial and industrial facilities, such as security firms, armories, and testing facilities, may install anti ricochet rubber tiles to create controlled shooting environments or to protect against accidental firearm discharges.
  6. Personal Shooting Ranges: Individuals who have their own shooting ranges on private property may also opt to use anti ricochet rubber tiles to enhance safety and protect against ricochets.
Overall, these ballistic tiles find application wherever there is a need to contain and absorb the impact of projectiles, reduce noise levels, and enhance safety in environments where firearms are used for training or recreational purposes.
ballistic rubber tiles

anti ricochet rubber tiles

Here are some commonly used sizes:

12" x 12" (30 cm x 30 cm): These smaller tiles are often used for precise coverage in smaller areas or for creating patterns or designs within a larger flooring layout. They offer flexibility in layout and can be easily replaced if damaged.

24" x 24" (60 cm x 60 cm): This size is a popular choice for ballistic rubber tiles as they strike a balance between manageability during installation and coverage area. They are versatile and suitable for various applications, including shooting ranges and training facilities.

36" x 36" (90 cm x 90 cm): Larger tiles like these are often preferred for covering larger surface areas more quickly. They can help reduce installation time and labor costs for large-scale projects.

48" x 48" (120 cm x 120 cm): Extra-large tiles are suitable for covering expansive areas with minimal seams. They are commonly used in high-traffic environments or areas where seamless coverage is desired.


Custom Sizes: Offer custom-sized ballistic rubber tiles to fit specific project requirements. This allows for precise coverage and minimizes cutting and waste during installation.

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