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CR (Neoprene) rubber sheet

Neoprene rubber sheet (CR rubber sheet)

Neoprene rubber sheet (CR rubber sheet) is a kind of synthetic rubber commonly used in various applications,this is neoprene rubber gasket sheet material, and secondly, CR rubber sheet is also a kind of acid and alkali resistant anti-corrosion rubber sheet material, which is characterized by acid and alkali resistance, abrasion resistance, slight oil resistance and self-extinguishing property, making it has become an ideal material for many different purposes, neoprene rubber sheet is physical and chemical properties are stable, and it has good mechanical and electrical properties. CR rubber sheet is widely used in industry, agriculture, national defense and other fields.

One commonly used in the market is to lay industrial floors in the form of neoprene rubber rolls or use it as a neoprene gasket sheet material for wrapping pipes in heavy industry. There is also a neoprene rubber strip, which is cut into rubber neoprene strips from neoprene rubber roll through a cutting machine. The rubber neoprene strips are more convenient to use, both for individuals and businesses, and come in both foam and rubber solid.

The difference between Neoprene rubber sheet soild and foam:

Neoprene rubber sheet

  • We can also produce Foam (sponge) neoprene rubber sheet, if you need it, please contact us via info@chn-rubber.com

Neoprene rubber rolls common thickness:

neoprene rubber rolls neoprene rubber rolls neoprene rubber rolls cr rubber sheet cr rubber sheet

CR rubber sheet application field:

neoprene rubber rolls

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