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Brown 2.0g/cm³ high quality viton material rubber sheet
Brown 2.0g/cm³ high quality viton material rubber sheet Brown 2.0g/cm³ high quality viton material rubber sheet Brown 2.0g/cm³ high quality viton material rubber sheet

Brown 2.0g/cm³ high quality viton material rubber sheet

Product ID : FKM-2.0g/cm3-Brown-01
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1. Material: Viton rubber

2. Thickness:3mm

3. Width: 3m max

4. Length: 10m/roll 20m/roll or as your request

5. Gravity: 2.0g/cm3

6. Hardness:70±5

7. Tensile strength: 5-6Mpa 

8. Elongation: 360%

9. Heat temperature resistant ( long time: 200℃)

10. Heat temperature resistant (short time: 230℃)

11. Instantaneous temperature (250℃)

12. Low Temperature Resistant :- 30 ℃

Product Description

Thickness mm

Gravity g/cm³

Width m

weight KGS/㎡

Chemical Properties  Application
1 2.0 1M/1.2M/1.4M/1.5M/1.6M/1.8M/2M 2.0 Vegetable Oil Resistant Excellent Oil & Gas projects
1.5 2.0
3 Animal Oil Resistant Excellent Gasket & Sealing
2 2.0
4 Petrol Excellent heat temperature working Area
3 2.0
6 Acid & Alkali Resistant  Excellent Heater Treaments
4 2.0
8 Heat Temperature Resistant Excellent Acid & Alkali Resistant Application
5 2.0
10 Low Temperature Resistant Good Petroleum Refining and Transportation
6 2.0
12 Lubricating oil Excellent Protecting pads 
8 2.0
16 Fuel oil Excellent Gas and nuclear power plants
10 2.0
20 Aliphatic Treament Excellent Aliphatic & Aromatic hydrocarbons treament
12 2.0
24 Aromatic hydrocarbons treament Excellent Chemical Processing and Shipping
15 2.0
30     Automobile manufacturing industry

China viton rubber sheet manufacturer description:

What is Viton Rubber?

The fluorine rubber sheet with a medium hardness of 70±5°Shore A and a specific gravity of 2.0g/cm³ is a high-quality synthetic rubber that is used in a wide range of industries. We provide it in the form of rolls, sheets, thick sheets, and rectangular shapes. , Viton is a high-standard rubber sheet, it has excellent resistance to daily acid and alkali substances, corrosive chemicals, oil gas, diesel oil, grease, even higher than NBR, EPDM, CR, etc. However, fluorine rubber sheets are not suitable for ketone industries.

In addition to the above qualities, fluororubber also has excellent weather resistance, excellent weather resistance, can be safely used indoors and outdoors, has a long service life, and has good resistance to sunlight, ultraviolet rays, and odors, especially for outdoor engineering projects. , you can consider using FKM, of course, it also depends on the actual economic cost.

The fluororubber sheet we produce can work continuously at Heat temperature resistant 200°C and Low Temperature Resistant - 30°C for a long time without being affected, and the temperature can reach 230°C~250°C even for a short moment, which is very suitable for some high temperature operations.

Viton rubber is not only excellent in these, its physical properties are also excellent, good tensile strength and flexibility, to ensure that it will not appear cracks during use, nor will it appear due to bending, waterproof and wear-resistant, and the surface is extremely smooth. Will be used in aerospace, oil and gas industries because they are not as demanding on products as other industries.

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china viton rubber sheet

china viton rubber sheet

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